Adventure riders often come to the same conclusion as dirt riders: certain bike upgrades are not only worth the money, they’re downright necessary. Many riders of today’s big adventure bikes may never leave the pavement, but for those that do, upgraded wheels wheels will protect against the abuses of off-road terrain.

Take it from Upshift Online, a great resource on adventure riding co-founded by the great Supercross/Motocross photographer Simon Cudby. Upshift recently got in touch with us to do some in-depth field testing on a set of our Talon Pro Billet Wheel Sets, so we were happy to oblige. Upshift’s Seiji Ishi mounted up his KTM 450 WCX and immediately put the Talon Pro Billet hubs, D.I.D Dirt Star ST-X rims and Bulldog spokes to the test.

Check out Seiji’s write-up below or head over to their site for the full article and more great ADV content.