Here at Dubya USA we get a wide variety of customers from all over the country looking to replace, repair, or rebuild their wheels. From pro racers to weekend trail riders and everyone in between, one thing that all of our customers have in common is their love for motorcycles and for riding.

As we got to know one of our customers, Ray Barrow, we quickly realized that he had an interesting story to tell. Ray is a professional stuntman for television and movies, with an impressive list of credits to his name including films like Titanic, Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, and more. So it may not be a surprise that Ray grew up around motorcycles and continues to ride and restore vintage bikes to this day.

Ray originally came to Dubya USA for his wheel needs because of our history in the world of motorcycling, and he continues to use our wheels because of the reliability. One of the bikes we have outfitted is a 2003 Honda CR250R. Ray bought this bike barely used and built it up to use as a practice bike for national races.

But the real showstopper is his 1978 Suzuki RM125, which has been nicely restored and reinforced with a set of Dubya-built wheels. Ray bought this bike a few years ago because it was the last bike his dad bought him when he was 13 years old. Ray now races it in AHRMA national races.

Ray is currently working on a show centering around vintage motorcycle racing, and not surprisingly the RM125 is commonly found on set. We can’t wait to see the show when it’s released!

Big thanks to Ray Barrow for sending us his photos and telling us his story!