Virtually every police department relies on motor officers to monitor the streets and highways, so it’s not uncommon to see anything from a Harley-Davidson to a Honda to a BMW all dressed up with police lights, radio system and rifle rack. What is uncommon is seeing a police department commissioning an Africa Twin build to allow their riding officers to navigate unexpected terrain in the safest possible manner. That is exactly what the Redondo Beach Police Department was looking for when they contacted Roland Sands Design about this project bike. Officers in pursuit may encounter pot-holes, sand, gravel or other obstacles, so this bike would need a proper suspension and wheel/tire setup to keep the officers safe while also decreasing public risk.

Naturally, the team at RSD in turn reached out to us about our Adventure Wheels to go with their Dunlop D908 Rally Raid tires. We set them up with a pair of 21×18 Excel Takasago rims laced to Talon hubs, a combo that would ensure officers get maximum traction no in off-road scenarios and decent traction on the pavement.

Be sure to head over to the RSD blog for the full story.