We here at Dubya USA specialize in creating custom wheels for all kinds of projects — from full vintage restorations to simple replacements. So when Steve from PulpMX called us up looking for some wheels for his ’89 Honda CR 125, we knew just what he was looking for. Here’s an excerpt from Steve’s write-up:

Well finally, #Project89 is done! I have chronicled the other two project bike builds, the ’88 YZ250 and the ’90 KX 250, and both times before I started those two bikes, I was looking for an 1989 Honda. I don’t know what it is about that year but I always wanted to build one. I owned a ’90 and that didn’t appeal to me and everyone does ‘87’s so it was either an ’88 CR250 or an ’89 CR 125 or 250 for me. That was ideal. Everyone has a different reason why they picked their project bike and I think in the end you have to respect that choice right?

It’s funny, as the bikes have gone along they’ve gotten progressively harder and more expensive. Despite being far and away the choice for vintage racing, Honda’s got the worst availability for NOS parts out of the three I did.

And that’s where we come in. Dubya USA can restore your vintage wheels or create a custom wheel set to make your project come to life. For this project, we built a top-of-the-line wheel set using Talon Pro Billet hubs and Excel Takasago rims.

The folks at Talon hooked me up with hubs for this bike and DUBYA USA built the wheel set around those for me. The color of the hubs was something I thought about with gold and red kicked around by me. In the end, black was the choice and I’m stoked with the choice. Red is too modern of a look and gold wouldn’t have matched the rim color and besides, that’s too much gold anyways.

Visit PulpMX for more photos, the full build story and full parts list.