Finish your custom wheel build or pair your stock hub with a selection of rims from D.I.D. or Excel. Available models include the Dirt Star, and ST-X from D.I.D. and the Takasago and A60 rims from Excel. Both brands offer a variety of color options and sizes to match and fit your bike. 


Excel Takasago Rims

  • Excel Takasago Rims are the benchmark in offroad racing rim technology
  • Every Excel motocross rim is engineered and designed to perform in extreme, hostile environments
  • Rims available to fit 65cc bikes up to the KTM 1290 Super Adventure
  • Rims are available in Black, Silver, Blue, Yellow and Gold
excel-rim-takasago-black excel-rim-takasago-yellow excel-rim-takasago-silver excel-rim-takasago-gold excel-rim-takasago-blue

Excel A60 Rim

  • Excel A60 Rims are structurally 15% stronger than the current Excel Takasago Signature Series rims, yet the A60 rims remain the same weight
  • A60 rims feature a V-Curve profile that helps reduce mud buildup
  • A60 rims can be laced to stock, Talon or Kite hubs
  • Available sizes: 21x1.60, 18x2.15, 19x1.85 and 19x2.15
  • Rims are available in Black

D.I.D. Dirt Star Rims

  • D.I.D. Dirt Star original rims are a great value high-quality race rim
  • Dirt Star Rims are designed to be stronger than stock (OE) replacement rims for motocross racing and trail riding
  • They are compatible with manufacturer's hubs, spokes and nipples
  • Rims are available in Black and Silver
did-rim-dirtstar-silver did-rim-dirtstar-black

D.I.D Dirt Star ST-X Rim

  • D.I.D. Dirt Star ST-X rims are designed for world class Supercross, Motocross and Enduro Racing
  • Available for all manufacturers and compatible with OE parts, or can be laced to Talon or Kite hubs
  • The ST-X rim is 15% stronger with a minimum weight gain
  • Available sizes: 21x1.60, 18x2.15, 19x1.85 and 19x2.15
  • Rims available in Black