We all know the name Jean Claude Van Damme, but if you don’t know about his son, Kris, then here’s your introduction. Kris has followed in his dad’s footsteps to an extent, acting in some movies and pursuing martial arts and fitness. But Kris is also a motorcyclist, and his beautiful Triumph project bike has been making the rounds through the café world of magazines, websites and bike shows. Most recently, the father-son duo were featured with the bike on the cover of Café Racer Magazine’s Annual edition, available now from their website. As you might have guessed, they opted for the best when choosing their wheels for this build, and outfitted the bike with Talon hubs laced to D.I.D wheels. Not only does the bike look awesome, you can bet that those wheels will perform at the highest level. Go check out that magazine and if you have a Triumph of your own, it may be time to upgrade your wheels!