Many of us dirt junkies get our racing fix by watching Supercross and Motocross throughout the year. But we have to say that the team behind the resurgence of American Flat Track has done a terrific job building this series back up into an absolute thriller over the last couple of years. So when legendary custom shop Fuller Moto hit us up for a set of flat track wheels for a project bike, we were needless to say quite stoked!

The project began as a collaboration between Lloyd Brothers Motorsports and Fuller Moto to create the new Team Ducati Flat Track Race Bike. That bike, piloted by the great Johnny Lewis, did so well in the AFT series that Fuller Moto decided to make a street legal version of this totally custom Ducati!

Johnny Lewis test riding the project bike

Like any race bike, the Ducati Flat Tracker needed a solid set of wire wheels to hold up to the high speeds and demanding turns of flat track racing. We hooked them up with a set of Talon Pro Billet hubs laced up with stainless steel spokes and nipples to a set of Sun aluminum rims. The builders opted for a set of prototype street tracker tires from Vee Rubber, and basically ended up building this bike from the ground up. Check out more photos and info about the custom built chassis, race-tuned Monster engine, and more on the Fuller Moto blog.

(Photos from Fuller Moto / Nick Rico)