Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between Talon and Kite hubs?
    Both hubs are made from billet aluminum and are extremely durable. The Kite hubs utilize the stock spacers and bolts. The Talon hubs have different spacers but all spacers and bolts are provided with the hubs.
  2. Do the hubs come with bearings and seals or do they need to be purchased separately?
    All hubs sold by Dubya come with the bearings and seals installed.
  3. How quickly can my wheels be built and ready to ship?
    Most wheel orders, including custom, ship within a couple business days of order placement. If the lead time is any longer customers are notified of the lead time up front.
  4. Where are your hubs manufactured?
    Talon hubs are manufactured in England and Kite hubs are manufactured in Italy.
  5. Is there a warranty on my wheels?
    Talon and Kite hubs have a 2-5 year manufacturer’s warranty depending on the model of the hub.These warranties are against manufacturing defects and do not cover failures due to lack of simple maintenance.Rims, spokes and nipples do not have stated warranties.
  6. Do the Talon and Kite hubs use OEM bearings and seals?Most of the hubs use parts that are different from the OEM internals. Replacement parts for the wheels Dubya sells can be purchased through your local dealer or from Dubya directly.
  7. Will my new wheels accept stock sprockets and rotors?
    Every Kite hubs and almost every Talon hub accepts the stock sprockets and rotors.
  8. Can Dubya send everything I need with my new wheels?
    Dubya can provide the wheels themselves, rim locks, sprockets and brake rotors.
  9. What types of bikes does Dubya build wheels for?
    Dubya builds wheels for motocross, supercross, enduro, supermoto, flat track, mini moto, hill climb, Triumph, adventure, dual sport, vintage and custom applications.
  10. How many wheels does Dubya USA build a year?
    Dubya builds about 4,000 wheels a year out of our Southern California location.

Still stumped? Email sales@dubyausa.com or call 714-279-0200.