These days, motocross bikes come straight off the production line as capable and well-balanced machines. Ideal for motocross hobbyists who enjoy putting in some laps at the local track on the weekends, these bikes are not necessarily designed for the rigors of competition. From engine rebuilds to suspension mods to new wheels, tires, levers, and more, builders like Boyko Racing take these stock machines and turn them into purpose-built weapons designed to dominate the competition.

Ted Boyko and his team recently did just that with a 2018 Honda CRF450R. The aim was to prepare the bike for various racing disciplines found on the West Coast, which ranges from motocross to desert distance races and everything in between. A rigorous racing schedule demands a lot from a bike, and in turn builders like Boyko turn to Dubya USA for their wheel needs.

For this project, we set them up with a set of Talon hubs laced to D.I.D. ST-X rims with our stainless steel spokes and nipples. This, along with at least a dozen other serious upgrades, has created a monster of a bike that any racer would be excited to ride. Grab your latest issue of Racer X Illustrated to see the full write up about Ted’s build.