Flat Trackers are on the rise, and for good reason. Between the newly rebranded American Flat Track series and Roland Sands’ Hooligan Series, and a slew of Flat Track-inspired production bikes and race bikes from the likes of Yamaha and Indian, this new style is quickly stepping on the toes of the cafe racer trend that seemed to reach its peak a few years back. At the root of it all — not dissimilar from the cafe movement — is the desire to go fast, and have fun doing it. And part of that quest is stripping down, tuning up and converting bikes like a Husqvarna FC 450, which is exactly what Long Beach’s Suicide Machine Company did.

Here at Dubya USA we get involved with a lot of dirt bike projects, but we were excited to lend a hand to the Guardado brothers for this one. The mission: build a blacked-out set of Flat Track wheels. We started by applying our Cerakote treatment to the stock hubs before lacing them up to some Excel Takasago rims. And of course, since this is Flat Track, no front brake!

We think they turned out pretty good, but don’t take our word for it. Check out the full write up on this killer project bike on Bike EXIF.