Pre-Made Wheelsets

Dubya provides high-quality wheelsets with outstanding service and promptness. Every wheelset is constructed by hand and tested by one of our experienced staff, guaranteeing the best in reliability and performance.

Pre-made wheelsets are built using your choice of the following:

  • Talon Billet Hubs
  • Talon Carbon Hubs
  • Talon Ultra Lite Hubs
  • Kite Hubs
  • Bulldog Spokes
  • Spline Nipples
  • Square Nipples
  • Excel Takasago Rims
  • Excel A60 Rims
  • DID DirtStar Rims
  • DID LTX Rims
  • DID STX Rims
  • Dubya Rims











Dubya USA Pre-Made wheelsets are available in a wide variety of fits, finishes and color combinations. To check availability for a particular model, give us a call at (714) 279-0200, or email us at








Carbon Hub/STX Rim

DID STX TALON CAR RED HUB.jpg Carbon-Black-STX.jpg Carbon-Gold-STX.jpg DID STX TALON BLUE CARB HUB.jpg DID STX TALON CAR ORANGE.jpg Carbon-Magnesium-STX.jpg

Billet Hub/STX Rim

Billet-Red-STX.jpg Billet-Black-STX.jpg Billet-Silver-STX.jpg Billet-Gold-STX.jpg Billet-Blue-STX.jpg Billet-Orange-STX.jpg Billet-Magnesium-STX.jpg

Billet Hub/DirtStar Rim

Billet-Red-DirtStar.jpg Billet-Black-DirtStar.jpg Billet-Silver-DirtStar.jpg Billet-Gold-DirtStar.jpg Billet-Blue-DirtStar.jpg Billet-Orange-DirtSatar.jpg Billet-Magnesium-DirtStar.jpg Billet-Silver-DirtStar.jpg Billet-SilverRim-Silver-DirtStar.jpg


Billet Hub/A60 Rim

Billet-Red-A60.jpg Billet-Black-A60.jpg Rim-E-A60-Black-w_-Silver-Bil.jpg Billet-Blue-A60.jpg Billet-Orange-Excel-A60.jpg Billet-Magnesium-A60.jpg

Billet Hub/Takasago Rim

Billet-Red-Excel.jpg Billet-Black-Excel-Blk.jpg Billet-Silver-Excel-Blk.jpg Rim-E-Black-w_-Gold-Bil.Hub-Front.jpg Billet-Blue-Excel.jpg Billet-Orange-Excel.jpg Billet-Magnesium-Excel.jpg

Talon/Excel Supermoto Wheels

Kite Billet Hub/STX Rim

DID STX KITE RED HUB Red Nipples.jpg DID STX KITE ORANGE.jpg Kite-Blue-STX.jpg Kite-Black-STX.jpg

Kite Billet Hub/DirtStar Rim

Kite-Red-DirtStar.jpg Kite-Orange-DirtStar.jpg Kite-Blue-DirtStar.jpg

Kite Billet Hub/A60 Rim

Kite-Red-A60.jpg Kite-Orange-A60.jpg Kite-Blue-A60.jpg

Kite Billet Hub/Takasago Rim

Kite/Excel Supermoto Wheels