Hubs & Spokes

Talon & Kite Hubs with Bulldog Spokes

Dubya USA provides only the best hubs from around the world as the exclusive North American importer for Talon and Kite products. Talon hubs are made from a single billet of aircraft grade aluminum in the UK and can be anodized in a variety of colors. Kite Performance products are based in Italy and provide ultra-strong lightweight hubs that not only look great but add performance to your motorcycle. You can't go wrong with Talon or Kite. Nearly all of the top names and race teams are using Dubya USA's Talon or Kite hubs. Applications range from junior 65cc bikes all the way up to twin disc KTM LC8 motorcycles along with supermoto, vintage motorcycle and adventure motorcycle applications. 


Talon Carbon Hubs

  • The choice hub for BTO/KTM, Arma Energy, Josh Hansen, Nick Wey, Robbie Maddison and more
  • Hard anodized spacers
  • Lightweight billet hub with carbon center
  • For use with D.I.D. LT-X and ST-X rims or Excel A60 rims
  • Customize your wheels with colored stainless steel Bulldog spokes and/or billet aluminum nipples
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Rotor and sprocket bolts included
  • Available in Black, Blue, Gold, Magnesium, Orange and Red

Talon Carbon hub with D.I.D. LT-X // Pricing starts at $879.95
Talon Carbon hub with D.I.D. ST-X // Pricing starts at $879.95
Talon Carbon hub with Excel A60 // Pricing starts at $1009.95


Talon Pro Billet Hubs

  • The choice hub for Team Babbitts, Beta USA, Colton Facciotti, James Carter and more
  • Rotor and Sprocket bolts included
  • Ultra strong billet hub with 5-year warranty included 
  • For use with D.I.D. or Excel rims
  • Customize your wheels with colored spokes and/or nipples
  • Available in Silver, Red, Orange, Magnesium, Gold, Blue and Black

Talon Pro Billet hub with D.I.D. rim // Pricing starts at $594.95
Talon Pro Billet hub with Excel rim // Pricing starts at $684.95


Talon Evo Hubs

  • Available only as complete wheels
  • Aluminum spacers
  • Laced to Talon rims
  • Ultra strong billet hub with 1-year warranty

Complete wheel with a Talon Evo hub // Pricing starts at $424.95


Kite Billet Hubs

  • Used by Ken Roczen, Jeffrey Herlings, Marvin Musquin and more
  • Uses stock spacers and rotor/sprocket bolts
  • Available in Red, Orange, Green, Magnesium, Blue, and Black
  • Available for use with D.I.D. or Excel rims

Kite billet hub with D.I.D. rims // Pricing  starts at $624.95
Kite billet hub with Excel rims // Pricing  starts at $719.95


Spoke & Nipple Kits

  • Rebuild your stock hubs with Dubya spoke and nipple kits
  • Each kit includes Bulldog stainless steel spokes, billet aluminum nipples and spline spoke wrench
  • Nipple colors available in Silver, Black, Blue, Gold, Orange and Red
  • Spoke colors available in Silver, Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red and more
  • Available for 50cc bikes up to KTM 1290 Adventure bikes. Custom applications also available

Spoke and Nipple kits // Pricing  starts at $99.95


Bulldog Custom Color Spokes

  • Dubya USA is proud to offer high-quality Bulldog spokes, spline nipples, and square nipples in a wide variety of colors to match any custom color scheme!